Johnson Family- Austin Family Lifestyle Photographer, Bull Creek District Park, Holiday Family Photo Session

And just like that…their family has grown! Diana & Brian have their grateful hands very full at the moment with three littles under 5. She has the most calm and loving energy with her babies and dad is just laid back and jolly! I’ve realized that photo sessions with littles, whether one or four of them, will go smoothly (*ish*) if mom and dad are calm. MUUUUUCCCH easier said than done. Trust me, I have to wrangle my big bunch for fam photos and it’s a rowdy time, a lot of ” you better not run in mud with those shoes, don’t poke your sister with that stick- you’ll tear her dress…no bunny ears or peace signs!”. But when mom and dad relax into the experience, the children will follow and I can capture their true essence of wonder, curiosity, and happiness. Also, pro tip- no iPads or phones in the few hours before our sesh! Here’s why- I can’t possibly compete with the stimulation the screen gives the kiddos.

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