Creating Faith and Memories, Dykstra Family – Austin Lifestyle Family Photographer, Dripping Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve been quiet lately and enjoying much needed self-care/down time with my family and home. I had a rolfing appointment this past week with Keli Bell Bandy and it was so healing (highly recommend). Winter has been all that winter should be. A time of deep reflection. All that needs to be brought up and out, into the light, expose itself, in it’s raw and realness, so the next season can heal all that is necessary for growth. I’m quietly excited for the coming months, when the warm sun starts to invite the tulips and her bulb friends to emerge. I can already feel my cells awakening when I see when my zinnia flower sisters boast their incredible colors. Did you know zinnias attracts so many pollinators, especially the magical eastern swallowtail butterfly? Anyone else get the same inner butterflies knowing our surroundings will soon have color?!

This session below is from early January. The Dykstra patriarch reached out because they would all be visiting Austin to be with their eldest daughter and grandsons and wanted family portraits. We enjoyed an early morning session with fog and mist making for gorgeous creamy colors on their skin. Pro tip***fog and overcast can often make for the most gorgeous sessions, especially if you wear light muted tones! This family has the best energy, so fun, funny, loving, and close knit. I love mom’s relaxed and carefree energy, the pride and joy she has with her adult children. I imagined myself in about 7-10 years and a wave of similar pride and joy overcame me. I will always remember this beautiful family for the spark of faith and excitement they gave me!

Thank you *(insert prayer hands emoji)* is all I can say to the many incredible clients turned lifelong friends that help me create love in this world!

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