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  Haley and her husband moved to Austin from California to start their family.  They are earthy, wholehearted, soulful, and authentic. We instantly connected and chatted up a storm about motherhood, big moves, families, and all kinds of stuff. I absolutely love having wonderful opportunities to meet new people and learn their unique stories. It’s […]

Haley & Baby Jack – Austin Family Photographer

February 25, 2019

  A while back, I photographed this soulful woman, Candice.  She and her darling son, Cameron, had just moved to Austin from California. She was finding her way around Austin, enjoying all the new beauty around her. We did this session on a spring evening, just before the sun began to set. Capturing love and joy […]

Motherhood in Nature – Lower Bull Creek Greenbelt, Austin Family Photographer

January 29, 2019

  I was beyond thrilled to capture Meg Sylvester again, this time, with her absolutely beautiful and fun little girls. Meg is most certainly a kindred spirit. We both love all thing spiritual, sisterhood, nature, and PINK. I will share more of our Valentine’s Day Photo Session later this week. Stay tuned for more LOVE […]

Mother & Daughter Valentine’s Day Session Part One- Austin Lifestyle Photography

January 28, 2019

  I’m eager for floral dresses, warm (not scorching hot***) weather, sandals, camping trips, sidewalk chalking my driveway with flowers, and bubbles on the back porch! I’m so excited for all the spring photo sessions coming up! Who’s with me?        

Looking Forward to Spring – Austin Family Photography, McKinney State Falls, TX

January 24, 2019

  Our homeschool winter break consists of a loosely structured routine of mealtime, chore time, quiet time, together time, Selena and hip hop dancing to Youtube videos time, and Netflix time. The weather has been wet, gloomy, cold, and unpleasant lately. This has kept us indoors and I’m all about it! I love these sweet, […]

Homeschool Winter Break – Austin, TX

January 4, 2019

    I married my best friend last month in our backyard.  It was a perfect day! PERRRRRRFECT!  Can you hear (well, read) me screaming with excitement? It was truly the happiest day of my life. The week of the wedding the weather had been super cold, rainy, and otherwise scary for a person with […]

Our Intimate Backyard Wedding- Austin, Texas

December 27, 2018

When Amie & I connected about her vision for a relaxed, “normal”, day-at-home, with her daughters, I was instantly excited! Excited to capture a dedicated and passionate expression of motherhood.  Amie takes photos all the time of her family and is rarely in any of them because she is behind the camera. I, too, know […]

Just the Girls- Round Rock, Texas

December 12, 2018

I met this family down at Pease Park in central Austin for their photo sesh. I had not previously done work there, but they requested this location. I’m so glad they did! It was both amazing to see such neat and creative art made of sticks. I was completely smitten with this twinkly eyed toddler […]

Family Photo Session- Pease Park, Austin, TX

November 10, 2018

Oh, this beautiful young family – the newness of parenting, caring for delicate and fragile little one. They did it all so lovingly. Photo sessions with infants is not always a walk in the park, rather, for us, a creek! But they were calm, peaceful, loving, and patient. We were able to capture beautiful moments […]

Family Photo Session- Austin, Texas

November 10, 2018