Who Doesn’t LOVE a Love Story? – Austin Lifestyle Photographer, Dripping Springs Lifestyle Photographer- Location: Northwest Austin, Texas- Mel Christina Lifestyle Photographer

Wherever you are in your love story journey- I’m here to celebrate with you. I know that sounds super cheesey and cliche- but I genuinely love these love stories the most! May you all feel the butterflies as your embark on finding your soulmate, love partner. These two sweethearts were just adorable in everyday. Couples sessions are not just for the young, newly engaged couples. They are for anyone in love, wherever you are in your love story! Whether you’ve been divorced, never married and 45, married for 50 years, not married but you have a committed loving partnership… whatever your story is- I’d love to know! These are YOUR memories, your life’s book and it’s so beautiful.

We did this gorgeous session in late central Texas heat June and everyone was cool and happy!

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