Austin Snow Day! Jan 10th, 2021 – *Mel’s Personal Post* Austin Lifestyle Photo Session

I just wanna leave this post up to celebrate such a memorable day for all. Our kiddos have never seen snow like this before…ever! My hubby use to live up north and saw snow regularly. He says this was “real snow”! But when you’re a lifelong Texan, you’ll take those once-in-a-blue moon tiny flurries and call it snow! ha. This was truly a special moment for us native Texans. Our kiddos are still gushing about how awesome that day was. Their friends gifted them a sweet snow day framed photo. They built a snow fort, had snowball fights, slid down snowy hills, and froze their cute little fingers off (and got to come in for warm tea)!

PS: Looks like I’ll be buying “real” winter gear for a *someday, again* winter miracle…

— crosses fingers! —

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