Soulful Latina – Austin Lifestyle Brand Photographer, East Austin, TX

I feel so fortunate to have connected with this latina boss girl, Pamela Romo, a serial entrepreneur, founder and owner of Querida Agenda. Pamela is such a genuine and innovative artist and creative. Her life style is a lifestyle art itself. She curates vintage goods from art to clothing for her shop. She is an incredible interior designer. A badass mama+wife! And a boss lady inspiring so many! She lives with intention, honesty, and has an eye for cutting edge beauty and style. Her ability to inspire and lead is so powerful. We did an intimate film portrait session together. While I await the film scans, I wanted to leave y’all with these simple yet gorgeous portraits of Pamela I shot on digital. She chose to wear zero makeup. Natural, incredible beauty, inside and out!

Stay tuned- more to come!

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