Session Style – Austin Family Photographer, Film Photography, Contax 645

Summer is pretty much coming to a close. Womp womp womp. So many memories of meeting great folks, smiles, playing in backyards, and capturing so much family time. I love the red, mustard, and light blue this family beautifully wore for their session. So versatile!

One question I get asked often is about session styling, wardrobe selection, coordinating outfits, etc. The process I use to help folks is to first send out a customized client questionnaire along with a basic style guide. My recommendations vary depending on the responses I get back. I enjoy helping families & individuals achieve their desired aesthetic. This is super fun stuff for me, y’all! I know not everyone likes the same styles or has a big style budget, so I’m totally happy to help with whatever folks need!

Some go-to places for fashionable shops for the ladies are:

Anthropologie (but, ofcourse…)
Doen (my absolute fav)
Shop Henly (online only)
Madewell (another fav)
Nordstrom Rack
Forever 21
Old Navy
Vintage Shops
Altar’d State
Christy Dawn

I welcome clients that would like to do quick outfit, accessory changes! These photos are for you- let’s make them how you wish (time permitting)!

{Pentax645 Portra 400}

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