My Beautiful Niece is Engaged! – Des & Jed, McKinney State Falls, Austin Texas, Austin Engagement Photography Session

This post has the power to make me cry – y’know, the sloppy, sappy, mushy variety! Here is my (gorgeous) niece, Des, and her fiancé, Jed. My brother is her father. I’m sure this is a bittersweet moment for him. But, I know he trusts Jed with her heart! They plan to wed at the end of this month. They came up to do photos and we had the most peaceful, fun, and nice time together. Jeff brought the kids to do some exploring while we took pics.

I love how he shows her so much love. It makes our family proud to see that she found such a wonderful guy that treats her like the princess she is! May you two be blessed with a lifelong, beautiful marriage and partnership!

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