My Beautiful Friend, Julie- Austin Family Photography, Bluebonnet Photo Session

I met Julie and her three beautiful children a couple of years ago at a homeschool art class our kids attended together. We instantly became friends, as did our sons.  We even became neighbors this past summer! I was drawn to her sweet, calm, bright, and modest personality. Her children are so fun-loving and friendly. I was so excited to capture them! We managed to squeeze in a super short (10-15 min session) right before the heavy rain and cold front that blew in a couple of weeks back.

Julie is a breast cancer survivor, amazingly dedicated homeschool mom, wife, and friend. She gives 110% to everything and everyone! Julie has such a fierce and selfless love for her three sweet babies. I’m so inspired by her compassion, kindness, and ability to always live in the present, especially as a mother. She endured a long and very difficult road this past year.  Julie reminds me of beautiful butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis – so beautiful, tender, and graceful!

Cheers to all the mamas that fight hard for happiness, love, and health!

XOXO Julie- you are a hero! 

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