Lifestyle Travel Photography- Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


This is a relatively late post, mostly because I forgot to “publish it”!

We escaped the busy hustle of our life and went to Costa Rica in late August. We visited the Nicoya Peninsula & San Jose. Our trip was quite brief as we had our children to get back to AND I get a real case of homesick being so far away from them!  Short and sweet fit the bill. We hung out on the beaches of the glorious pacific ocean, went horseback riding for a whopping 4+ hours (EEEKKK), met incredible locals, drank yummy fresh coconut water, cooked our own beans and rice most of our 5 night stay, walked up steep hills, went to a beautiful coffee farm, saw howler monkeys in trees, woke up (at 4am) to amazing sunrises and singing birds…just magnificent! I have an enormous appreciation for latin countries. I appreciate their diligent, authentic, and simple lifestyle. Everything they do is intentional and purposeful. We saw children playing soccer on every corner, surfing on the ocean, helping their elders.

***Fun fact: the Nicoya Peninsula is a “blue zone”, which means it is home to a large population of centenarians (people that live over 100 years). They also just recently got power, in the last 10-15 years.






























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