In-Home Lifestyle Modern & Artistic Film Photography – Austin, TX

As y’all know, I’ve been learning to shoot film photography. I’m using a different film cameras to learn which camera works best with different lighting, motion, etc. I’m finally in a place where I’ve learned the complex mechanics of a film camera and light meter! Guys, I honestly thought I’d never reach this place! I was raised in the digital era, so learning film posed a huge learning curve for me. Like, I can’t see the image right then and there OR there is no internal light meter? EEEK! Thankfully, my handsome hubby is super technical and mechanically minded- he explains everything to me in a way I “get”! So I’m there! I’m finally in a place where I know what I’m doing and now I get to set my creative little heart on fire! WEEEEEEE! This is so fun… the suspense, the hopes, the quiet little creative dreams, the excitement of waiting for the lab to process my film and see what magic was created!

Okay, I’ll stop gushing about film now and show ya some recent magic. This is an in-home, lifestyle session. Mama and her girls were just lounging at home, we found sweet little pockets of light and just let the beauty of their ordinary unfold.

I’ll soon be offering this service for families. Stay tuned for more updates on this! : )

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