Hope and Happiness – Austin Newborn Lifestyle Photography, Northwest Hills, Austin, TX {COVID19 }

Hi, Friends.

I just wanted to share some beautiful photos from a session I did a while back pre-COVID19. Looking at so many galleries from earlier this year, I feel so much hope and love in these images. Cliche and cheesy as it may sound, if we have love, we have it all. I truly believe that.

The power of ‘now’ is ever so meaningful right now. In being at home with my family for the last three or so weeks, I see clearly how children live in the now. Their hearts and minds are so present. It’s beautiful. If there’s one thing I’m truly learning is that we have so much learn from our children. They wake up with vibrant and happy energy, excited for whatever the day holds. They are content to learn and do simple things, like walks, jumprope, eat breakfast…it’s all so simple yet so special for them. They are wonderful teachers.

I hope you are all doing well. Sending you all heartfelt hugs and warmth. Thank you for stopping by.



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