Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy! – Austin Lifestyle Family Photographer, Austin, Texas

I’m still *heart eyes* happy over this amazing couple and their little guy! Xavi celebrated his 2nd birthday with enormous balloons, a visit from Grandma, and finding cool rocks!

As a photog, I get so many emails asking how does it all work with a rambunctious toddler, will I be able to get good photos?! The short answer is, ABSOLUTELY! I love allowing the littles a chance to explore their surroundings, wherever we have the session. Everything is so new at this age. A rock is not just a rock, it’s a whole new world of textures and fun. These littles require us to step out of our *adulting’ ways, and give our attention to the here and now. I know most mamas have some apprehension about this age, but I promise, it’s so much fun! These days are numbered, ya know.

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