Haley & Baby Jack – Austin Family Photographer


Haley and her husband moved to Austin from California to start their family.¬† They are earthy, wholehearted, soulful, and authentic. We instantly connected and chatted up a storm about motherhood, big moves, families, and all kinds of stuff. I absolutely love having wonderful opportunities to meet new people and learn their unique stories. It’s what makes my job so much more worthwhile and beautiful. Beautiful in a way that I can’t fully explain.¬†There is this magical way to connect with people of all ages through a form of art. You see, I’ve always seen life as artwork. I’m ever ever ever so grateful to express my art through the medium of photography and connection/conversation. Nothing pleases me more than making something artful from an experience that shows love, connection, beauty in a visual story. When you’re doing the day to day hustle of mommying’, living, working, creating, cleaning, driving, surviving, and you/we forget how magnificent our lives truly are…I hope these photographs serve as a sweet reminder of your special, singular story.


If you’re reading this and want to tell your story through photography, but don’t know how…let’s find a way.








Family Photo Session by Mel Christina Photography

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