Fall Family Photo Sessions- Only a Few Dates Left!

Hola, hola!

It’s that time of the year when the crazy business of back to school hustle and new routine setting is in full swing. Everyone is planning out the next several months of holidays, family time, vacations, gatherings, holiday parties, and…family photos!
I love this time of year because I get to meet and reunite with SO many incredible folks for their holiday family photos. I get to see how much all kiddos have grown… AND as always, I get to see everyone’s fabulous holiday outfits!

Okay …

So many of you have reached out asking for second round of dates, reschedules, last minute cancellations, et cetera. I GET IT. Trust me, I’m the queen of rescheduling stuff and postponing booking just about anything! My hair trim has been rescheduled a whopping four times in the last several months and it still feels like crunchy straw! I completely understand what it is like coordinating a kabillion complex schedules!
BUUUUUT….I need to let y’all know that my life recently got busier and more intense (insert gasp) with personal family commitments. I am taking a lot of weeks off during Nov, Dec, Jan to be present with my family and secure that time with them, limiting my ability to take on a sizable number of sessions.

And finally, the long and short of it all is….lock in your dates before it’s too late! I love y’all and I’m doing best to take care of everyone! I’ve sent out surveys asking if you would like for me to hire an associate photog and the response was ‘nah’. So bare with me and get your dates booked.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Big Hugs! – Mel

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