Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together…

I read a version of that quote somewhere and it has always stayed with me…


This is my very first blog entry. My very first website. A whole lot of very firsts for me. EEEEEE!¬†Putting myself “out there”. Like, really out there. I recently left my “real” job to pursue this sweet big little dream and homeschool my babes. While I’ve always wanted to homeschool, I couldn’t for logistical reasons.

I started this dream so long ago, in my high school journalism class, when I’d see beautiful skies, or wrinkly old faces, dust dancing in the light, when I became a mother and didn’t want special moments to slip through the fingers of time. I love the way life expresses itself in nature, people, creativity, love, everyday unscripted moments. I believe in this art. Art is the only form of immortality that we can experience and it’s so vast and wonderfully giving. My dreams almost always include creativity and imagination.

I’m super grateful to have ALL of this- love, dreams, life, family, friends, health, safety…much less, a fancy camera, a website(!?!), TIME, freedom. I started thinking of what I should write about in this post. And thank you is all I can really say. Thank you to the loves of my life for the inspiration and the adventure. And a very immense thank you to my Jeff. You are my best friend. ¬†I wake up everyday so grateful to know such a kind and loving human. Your heart inspires me. Someday when you read this, you’ll probably tear up because you’re the sweetest, most tender, authentic, and loving man in the world and a big sappy soul! They say our souls recognize one another without words, that is our love and soul connection.

I’ll post about what inspires me in this great wide world. Glad to have you here.

  1. Sandy says:

    The website if beautiful! I’m so proud of you!

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