Port Bolivar Peninsula- Austin Lifestyle Photographer

Our summer vacation plans were interrupted because of hashtag life aka illness and other life dramas taking priority. But we managed to squeeze in some super fun days in a super short period at a beach near Galveston. You guys! This beach was gorgeous, clean, and super awesome! The kiddos found so many crabs which made their happy hearts so grateful! Jeff enjoyed the bright hot sun. The older kids caught some waves (insert mom heart attack) and had a blast. I hung out in our pretty beach house cooking and listening to Beyonce. The kiddos found a dozen stray cats and begged to keep them all…yep, not one, all! Ha! Sadly, we couldn’t. We brought our new puppy, Pablo, and he too enjoyed the quick getaway!

I’ll share more digitals from this trip soon! I’ve hardly had a chance to process any personal work in the last few months! Some of you have written to me asking to see more film work. I promise I’ll keep updating the blog and adding more film galleries! I also have exciting personal videos I’ve been crafting. They are so sweet, y’all!

All images taken with Pentax 120mm, 160 film stock

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