Homeschool Winter Break – Austin, TX


Our homeschool winter break consists of a loosely structured routine of mealtime, chore time, quiet time, together time, Selena and hip hop dancing to Youtube videos time, and Netflix time. The weather has been wet, gloomy, cold, and unpleasant lately. This has kept us indoors and I’m all about it! I love these sweet, slow, special moments in our otherwise busier and more structured days. They are enjoying the heck out of Magna-tiles, making all kinds of castles, birds, barns, and lizard houses out of them! I’m enjoying baking, cooking new recipes, and playing on the floor with them. I know that these precious days are numbered, making them all the more precious.

I’ve previously posted about our homeschool life. People often ask “how we do it”, “do I like it”, etc. And the short answer is, I’m 100% grateful to be able to do it, and I love it. It’s not without struggle, but definitely worth it. I’ll post about that soon.













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