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I’ve got a house full of loud, wild, and hungry kiddos right now. So I’m giving myself 5 mins to post this before I go serve dinner.

I’m at a loss for words these days. As an empath, I have A L L the feels during this very unpredictable, emotional, and unprecedented time. I worry constantly for my children, my siblings, my parents, my aunts and uncles, extended family, and dear dear friends. I worry for strangers and their families. I worry for animals. I worry for the economy. I’m one big throbbing heart of worry and ache these days. I worry for service industry workers. I worry for delivery drivers. I worry for medical professionals. I worry for …every body, everybody. It really does keep me up at night.

B U T….

I’m also feeling the weight of a certain kind of chaos known as the hustle and bustle of everyday living, AKA up at 6am getting kids to school, making lunches, driving here and there, etc, being lifted from each of us. Essentially, we are compelled to remain tightly together in the safety and shelter that is our h o m e. I feel such a pressure lifted off my shoulders. Amidst this scary, tumultuous time, we have a truly unique opportunity to strengthen the wonderful bonds in our own home. My kids have already said that they love this experience because we are all together at home. We are playing games, eating yummy meals, watching movies together, baking, gardening, finding monarch eggs. We are together. I’ve spoken to so many of my friends and they all feel the beauty woven in this delicate time.

Below is a sweet photo from Jeff’s birthday this winter. The kids baked him a cake…that didn’t quite work out – well, it burned! So we ran up to Whole Foods and grabbed this tiny floral cake! And of course, Jeff couldn’t be bothered. He loved the moment in all of it’s sweet and “happy” wonder.

I pray that each of us get to experience beauty during this very worrisome time in our collective lives. I pray that we each stay healthy, whole, and grateful.
Sending each of you love and prayer. May you find comfort in knowing we are all in this together.

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