Happy Mother’s Day to Me! – Austin Lifestyle Photography

My 11 year old son asked if I could teach him how to be a photographer and my mama heart began oozing with yays and yipees! My boy has always been fascinated with filmmaking, videos, editing processes, anything in the motion picture realm. He likes the idea of becoming mama’s assistant and getting paid in Legos. Ha. On a recent drive down to Corpus, we stopped for a potty break and saw a big wide field of yellow and purple wildflowers. Ofcourse, I ran towards them to make myself a bouquet. I asked Seth if he could stand in them so I could photograph him using film. He said, “Mom, I would rather take pictures of you in the flowers because you like them a lot a lot”. So we did just that. And while he was taking the photos, he was so happy. He saw birds and bugs and snapped some photos of those as well. He said he can see why I enjoy photography…because “you can remember all the things you like with pictures and that pictures don’t let you forget”.

It’s quite simple, quite beautiful, eh? You can have these meaningful visual sentiments, reminders, memories of all the vast and various things you love!

Seth snapped these photos of me. He said he wants to keep them and remember his mama this way. He was so proud of himself. INSERT CRYING EMOJI FACE. So this is my impromptu personal Mother’s Day photo sesh. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mamas! Thank yourself today and everyday for all the listless and thankless work you do to make this world a better place!

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