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Today is Feb 1st. And holy moly, is it just me or did January feel like it had 800 days in it? The flu, pneumonia, and all kinds of other yuck visited our home in Jan. But we made it! And I’m as excited as ever to create.

Creative goals…

Watercolor more * Teach my girls (seen below) to watercolor. They have such a beautiful pull towards all things art. Makes my step-mama heart so happy!

Dance and Sing * I feel most alive when I dance! I plan on doing this more…in the kitchen when I cook. Ya know, a spatula make a great mic!

Do more personal work* My spring calendar is quickly filling up with so many new clients. I am going to set an intention to also focus on photographing my family. I get so busy that I forget to do personal work!

Journal * I got the kiddos each a Katie Clemons Journal to do with either Jeff or myself. If you haven’t heard of her parent/child journals- check them out! Such a special way to communicate with your kiddos. They are all so enchanted with this idea. Even the pre-teen boys! My hope is that the kids will get to keep these and have special memories for years to come. Plus, it gives them a space to document their special ideas and thoughts.

*That’s all for now. I’ll leave y’all with these beautiful images I took of the girls in late Fall 2019. I took these with my Pentax, Portra 400. *

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