Day by Dayin’ it – Austin Lifestyle Photography, Austin TX

This little corner of the crazy big wide world of internet land is going to include personal work and professional work. Mostly, I’m just here to document random personal ramblings and those sweet (or sloppy, or chaotic, or wild) in between moments that is our day by day life. I’m also going to display my photography work for you all!

We are a blended family. Lots of beautiful kids, a dog, 5 chickens, a garden, neighborhood friends, a ton of DIY projects all at once (sorry Jeff * insert heart face emoji*), baking, cooking, chores, homeschooling, and big dreams.

I won’t usually get this sappy, but someday our kids will read this. And when they do, I want each of them to know they are my why. My why is my how and my how is, day by (freakin) day. May we inspire love and togetherness and infuse it everywhere we go.


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